Service Description:

Funtimepedalboats will provide services to all customers as follows:

FTPB personnel will be on site at all times.

FTPB will provide one Life Vest to all Patrons.

FTPB will be responsible for looking out over the water, observing activity of the Customers

Safety Description:

FTPB will have a backup boat / Kayak to assist customers should they become stranded or in case the boat flips over or sinks . We will be observing from the shoreline 

All boats have a RFID on board to detect location, should the boat be lost, stolen or sinking, we are able to pinpoint the location.

A Life Vest is provided for everyone 

FTPB adheres to the US Coast Guard boating regulations.

All customers must agree to the Boating agreement posted on the website, this is a requirement 

No Alcohol is allowed under any circumstances 

Inclement weather:

Mother Nature can be unpredictable at times. In the event of Bad Weather we will advise all customers of conditions and not allow any rentals , while the forecast is not favorable. No boating in heavy rain, very light rain is permitted, however if there are any lightning strikes, all boat are removed from the water 

We will monitor the Local weather forecast on a daily basis 

We provide a tent for immediate no exposure to the rain 

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